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The Multiple Dimensions Of EDI In The Workplace

EDI is not just a moral imperative but is also an economic and legal imperative. The big challenge is to make EDI part of the everyday.

EDI is not just a moral imperative but is also an economic and legal imperative. The big challenge is to make EDI part of the everyday.


The New Workweek

Why should I be in the office? It’s not ‘because I told you to.’ That’s not the answer. – Tom Naratil, the president of UBS in the Americas Each technological...

modern workspace

Crossing the workplace rubicon, practice purposeful presence

Workplace professionals have worked with corporate real estate and facilities to build productivity and people-centric improvements in the office and work environment for decades. But resistance was usually high and...

remote work

How Hybrid And Remote Work Are Reshaping Our Spaces

From working at home, to meetings on the go, today's workspaces look very different from what most people would expect.

hybrid work

The interconnected future: megatrends for work, collaboration, and communication in 2040

An Economist Impact report supported by Webex by Cisco May 24, 2022 The sudden and shifting global landscape of the past few years has accelerated decades-long transformations and catalyzed a...


Hybrid work pulse check: insights into what employees are feeling

A global survey indicates companies and workers alike are adapting well to remote work—but the still-shifting landscape is upending the traditional work agreements between them as well. Hybrid work is...

work culture

From Linear To Emergent Culture

The discontent of today’s workforce presages a new era of work culture What are the most critical aspects of work culture from the perspective of workers? Perhaps we can start...


The building as a social network

Hybrid is going to be different for every company, function, and individual: Get to know your people What happened when the world of ‘agile, flexible, and dynamic’ crashes into what...


Supercharge customer experiences through great agent support

Understanding the customer service agent experience and its impact on customers Creating great customer experiences starts with the agents who support your customers every day. Agents can’t create great customer...


How technology is creating a better meeting experience

Inside the new innovations to prevent video-meeting fatigue In 1999, scientists and researchers noticed a troubling trend in an exciting emerging technology: videoconferencing was causing fatigue in people using it for...

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