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Work 20XX

Secrets to improve your teams' function, regardless of where they work

By Jeff Frick

An interview with Darren Murph of GitLab Inc. on adopting a remote-first attitude.

Welcome to Work 20XX. A show focused on the future of work as we continue to navigate these transformational times. I will be your host Jeff Frick. In this series, I will sit down with the thought leaders and visionaries redefining the world of work as we explore the evolution and opportunities for people, businesses, and societies based on our new normal.

To kick off the show, I am joined by one of the preeminent experts on distributed teams, Darren Murph, Head of Remote for GitLab. I could read a long list of accomplishments and appearances, but a simple search will fill your inbox.

In this far-ranging conversation, Darren answers the question of whether being remote-first simply means no commuting and also shares the lessons and best practices in making employees, managers, and distributed teams successful. He talks about the power of intentionality, documentation, and moving as much work to asynchronous as possible, freeing up extremely valuable face-to-face time (via room, phone, or Webex) for higher-value activities like 1:1s as well as culture and rapport building.

Without further delay, my conversation with Darren Murph.

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