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Darshan Somashekar

Entrepreneur & Venture Partner TMV

Darshan Somashekar advises and writes about business and technology topics. He has spent time working as a programmer, tech co-founder, investor, VP of Product, and management consultant throughout his career.

He was a co-founder of, a media sharing, VC-backed startup that was acquired by Facebook in 2010. He also co-founded Imagine Easy Solutions, a research and citation platform (main brand EasyBib), which was acquired by Chegg in 2016.

He went on to serve as Chegg's VP of Product for its newly-formed Writing Tools group.

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World of Work

4 best practices for working with remote contractors

Darshan Somashekar

Much is written about how to be a great manager to full-time remote teams. What gets talked about less—but is arguably just as important—is how to be a great manager to...

work culture

6 inspiring ways to bring remote employees together

Darshan Somashekar

From luxurious break rooms to fun team outings, employers have historically invested a lot in providing ways for their people to socialize. That is: until our working world moved from...

modern workspace

Surprising skills managers need to adapt to a post-COVID future

Darshan Somashekar

We all know work looks different these days. Many companies are opting to stay remote-friendly for the long haul. And even those planning a return to the office are considering...

remote work

4 Employee Engagement Lessons Workplaces Can Learn from Edtech

Darshan Somashekar

If you’re like most managers and company leaders around the world right now, employee engagement is probably top of mind. For one, employees are burnt out and as many as...

future of work

Education needs to prepare students for the future of work – here’s how

Darshan Somashekar

The downfalls of traditional education are well-documented: universities are expensive, out of touch, and inaccessible to many students, to the point where nearly half of millennials say college wasn’t worth...

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Jeff Frick

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work culture

The Great Resignation—why are they leaving?

Carolina Milanesi

We have heard about the Great Resignation and the big reshuffle the pandemic has fueled. After perhaps being pushed harder and farther than ever before for the past two years,...

work culture

Employees change faster than organizations—pace yourself

Stowe Boyd

How we pace our work permeates—and changes—work culture “Every form of civilization is a wise equilibrium between firm substructure and soaring liberty.” – Eugen Rosenstock The Covid-19 pandemic has led...


The case for giving people time to do deep work

Stowe Boyd

So much about work depends on the pace of alternating between noise and silence. “Nothing has changed human nature more than the loss of silence.” – Max Picard In The...

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