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Heather Keleher

Global Digital Storytelling Manager Cisco

I am a strategist. I am a storyteller of both data and tales untold. I am a marketing professional and creator who brings her all to life and to work every day.

I bring all I have learned through experiences in marketing and brand consulting, data analytics and insights, content creation and management, and website strategy and services to the table. I am passionate about Education and advocating for equity in our education systems. I am fascinated by Smart Cities and the Public Sector in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I am a lover of all things LinkedIn and helping my colleagues to build their perfect professional brand. Through my skills as a bilingual Spanish speaker and passion for languages, combined with travel to more than 60 countries and international work experience, I lend my global perspective to all roles I take on.

I am passionate, driven, and here to create change for your business. I look forward to getting in touch.

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