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Work 20XX

Expanding the definition of possible (hint: put humans first)

By Jeff Frick

An interview with Meg Bear, Chief Product Officer of SAP SuccessFactors, on adopting a humanity-first attitude.

Welcome to Work 20XX. A show focused on the future of work as we continue to navigate these transformational times. I will be your host Jeff Frick. In this series, I will sit down with the thought leaders and visionaries redefining the world of work as we explore the evolution and opportunities for people, businesses, and societies based on our new normal.

When contemplating what the future of work holds for us, tapping the expert insights and experience from someone running one of the biggest human capital management product suites in the market grants priceless direction and clarity. Enter Chief Product Officer for SAP SuccessFactors Meg Bear.

When the world changed in March 2020, Chief Human Resource Officers and Chief People Officers had to react quickly to adjust to the new world. Meg had a ring-side seat to this transformation. We sat down to delve into her unique perspective on the engagement point between company and employee—where the rubber really meets the road in terms of systems and processes that define much of what a company means to an employee.

In this enlightening conversation, we discuss the criticality of organically and systematically making managers available to employees, making flexibility a core tenet of the new work environment, as well as adopting a work culture centered around individuals and dynamic teams. We also touch on navigating back-to-office, the impact on the disproportionally affected populations due to the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and truly putting humans and humanity first.

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