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modern workspace

Untethered and human-centric, moving beyond utilization to productivity

Creating places for people to create the best work of their careers Welcome to Work 20XX. A show focused on work as we continue to navigate these transformational times. I am your host, Jeff Frick. In this episode, we explore the world of design, real estate, and facilities through the eyes of long-time industry veteran...

Creating places for people to create the best work of their careers Welcome to Work 20XX. A show focused on work as we continue to navigate these transformational times. I...

modern workspace

When your colleague is in the same room…but isn’t

From holograms to workspaces in self-driving cars, the coming decade will create a profound shift in how we work—and where we do it. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the...


The ecology of work: growing resilient, growing wilder

“You can’t endorse a top-down authority structure and be serious about enhancing adaptability, innovation, or engagement.“ | Gary Hamel, Bureaucracy Must Die Today’s CEOs are reacting to current economic, political, and...

work culture

Can emotions make your organization more successful?

Webex’s own Kris Rangarajan interviews Dr. Daniel Goleman, Author, Psychologist, and Leader in Emotional Intelligence at WebexOne. They talk about the growing importance of Emotional Intelligence in the new workplace,...

work culture

Employees change faster than organizations—pace yourself

How we pace our work permeates—and changes—work culture “Every form of civilization is a wise equilibrium between firm substructure and soaring liberty.” – Eugen Rosenstock The Covid-19 pandemic has led...


Hybrid work: a cure-all for employee burnout or a path to it?

Exhaustion while working at home is an increasing concern, but new solutions are paving the way for a brighter future. In August 2020, a large outdoor retail company made a...


The case for giving people time to do deep work

So much about work depends on the pace of alternating between noise and silence. “Nothing has changed human nature more than the loss of silence.” – Max Picard In The...

Work 20XX

Navigating uncertain waters: you’ll find your way if people are at the helm

An interview with Meg Bear, Chief Product Officer of SAP SuccessFactors, on adopting a humanity-first attitude. Welcome to Work 20XX. A show focused on the future of work as we...

hybrid work

How happy is your organization? Hint: it’s more than smiles.

In just about any role we play—as manager, health-care professional, team member, teacher, coach, spouse, parent, or colleague, to name a few—it’s helpful to know our own and other people’s...

hybrid work

There’s a lot of event planning going on…are you doing it right?

A Futurum Webcast: Hybrid events involve elements of both in-person and virtual events to create better value and deeper engagement for event sponsors, speakers, and participants. Nowhere is this more...

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