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lone person sitting outside lit tent on snow in deserted snowy landscape with norther lights in the sky representing remote work and human connections person knitting yarn in front of laptop computer man and woman working at separate computers representing proximity bias across office and remote work environments

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Field-tested tactics for getting ahead in a virtual office

You can now work at your job for years without ever meeting your boss in person. What will that mean for career advancement in a remote-work future?  In 2020, almost 50 percent of the workforce in the United States and the United Kingdom migrated from in-office to remote work, leading to a surprising result—advancement went...

You can now work at your job for years without ever meeting your boss in person. What will that mean for career advancement in a remote-work future?  In 2020, almost...

work culture

Employees change faster than organizations—pace yourself

How we pace our work permeates—and changes—work culture “Every form of civilization is a wise equilibrium between firm substructure and soaring liberty.” – Eugen Rosenstock The Covid-19 pandemic has led...

Work 20XX

The 11 things successful remote companies are doing

An interview with Darren Murph of GitLab Inc. on adopting a remote-first attitude. Welcome to Work 20XX. A show focused on the future of work as we continue to navigate...


Supercharge customer experiences through great agent support

Understanding the customer service agent experience and its impact on customers Creating great customer experiences starts with the agents who support your customers every day. Agents can’t create great customer...


How technology is creating a better meeting experience

Inside the new innovations to prevent video-meeting fatigue In 1999, scientists and researchers noticed a troubling trend in an exciting emerging technology: videoconferencing was causing fatigue in people using it for...

video meetings

Combating video-meeting fatigue to happily work from anywhere

The above data points highlight critical considerations. Yet, we’ve just barely explored the tip of the iceberg. Dig deeper into how technology is creating a better meeting experience for all....


Hybrid work pulse check: insights into what employees are feeling

A global survey indicates companies and workers alike are adapting well to remote work—but the still-shifting landscape is upending the traditional work agreements between them as well. Hybrid work is...

hybrid work

The interconnected future: megatrends for work, collaboration, and communication in 2040

An Economist Impact report supported by Webex by Cisco May 24, 2022 The sudden and shifting global landscape of the past few years has accelerated decades-long transformations and catalyzed a...

work culture

From Linear To Emergent Culture

The discontent of today’s workforce presages a new era of work culture What are the most critical aspects of work culture from the perspective of workers? Perhaps we can start...

work culture

Meetings can be efficient, effective, and fun…no…really! 

Q “Can you train us to have better meetings?”A “We can, and it probably won’t work.” Bad meetings are the bane of the modern working world. The back-to-back, uninterrupted energy...

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