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Venice Is Your Next Office

By Ahead Thought Leadership
sunset view of gondolier rowing down Venice grand canal to basilica

How Webex by Cisco participated in an innovative experiment in the historic Italian city to better understand how a hybrid-work future will revolutionize our lives, organizations, and communities.

In March 2022, a groundbreaking hybrid-work experiment undertaken by Cisco and the organization Venywhere launched in one of the most storied locations in the world: Venice, Italy. Over the next three years, the Venywhere Hybrid Work project will offer remote workers new ways to plug in and connect from various locations in the lagoon city. Promoted by the Fondazione di Venezia in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University, and powered by Cisco technology, the work-from-anywhere initiative is drawing new life to an ancient place—re-shaping the economy while unlocking insights on the future of hybrid work.

“Venywhere could have profound implications for the evolution of a city like Venice,” says Massimo Warglien, Venywhere’s founder and a professor in the Department of Management at the Ca’ Foscari. “Our goal is not only to attract workers from anywhere and make them temporary citizens but also to transform the city into a laboratory for new forms of work.”

Here’s a guide to the initiative as it endeavors to revitalize the ancient city.

Download the infographic Venice is your next office.

For hybrid work that works for all, centered around the work you do, not where you do it, let’s take on the future of work together.

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