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Dr. Stephen Harwood

Researcher, Writer, Innovator TechnoForeSight

Dr. Stephen Harwood has held a variety of roles including that of geophysicist, writer, educator, change agent, entrepreneur and director. He is currently attached to the University of Edinburgh, from where he was awarded his Doctorate. Further, he recently founded TechnoForeSight to promote developments in the future of technology, work and education. His publications span a range of topics including technology futures, ERP implementation, makerspaces, and sustainability. His passion for #TechForGood, Sustainability and the handling of complex situations is grounded in his theoretical work in the domains of cybernetics and systems thinking. One current project is the development of skills for handling complex situations, drawing upon the VIPLAN Methodology.


Envisioning the future of work

Dr. Stephen Harwood

William Lee of Calverton, United Kingdom created a machine to knit stockings in 1589, but was discouraged by Queen Elizabeth I of England who had concerns about its impact upon...

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