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John Corbett

Workplace & Real Estate Strategist Cisco

Transitioning through traditional corporate real estate functions making up Cisco’s global real estate portfolio over the past 15 years, it became evident the convergence of traditional workplace strategy and workplace technology was becoming naturally intertwined. Therefore, my focus pivoted towards architecting innovative technology-enabled workplace strategies, focused on getting corporate real estate to work harder for users by securely maintaining, sustaining, and scaling the user experience, all within Cisco’s catalogue.

Years of experimentation, learning, and development has resulted in notable workplace project successes. It's also helped with the reinvention of Cisco’s workplace user experience, while continually enhancing real estate efficiencies. Still very much focused on corporate real estate and workplace strategy, I'm now a part of the Cisco Workplace Technology team. I continue pioneering technology-enabled workplace strategies, working with Cisco customers to enable them with similar success.

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modern workspace

Putting data to work in the workplace of the future

John Corbett

The concept of ‘a workplace’ has always been open to interpretation, however, never has its relevance been so challenged and its functionality so examined as it has in 2020. Where...

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