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Umesh Uttamchandani

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer DevX Accelerator

An active investor and mentor for startups, Umesh is a strategic thinker with a flair for corporate innovation and sales. With 10 years of experience in the IT and real estate industry, Umesh applies strong critical thinking, team communication, strategic marketing, and business growth consultation to help customers, partners, and his teams. Umesh’s primary focus now is building meaningful relationships and uplifting innovative startup ventures in the domain of SaaS, mobility, cloud kitchen, media-tech, and lending.


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modern workspace

How the distributed workforce is facilitating hybrid workforce culture

Umesh Uttamchandani

Meet the workforce of tomorrow There’s been a drastic change in the way we work post pandemic. We’ve started connecting for quick, more intimate calls instead of “let’s get a...

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