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There’s a lot of event planning going on…are you doing it right?

By Shelly Kramer

A Futurum Webcast:

Hybrid events involve elements of both in-person and virtual events to create better value and deeper engagement for event sponsors, speakers, and participants. Nowhere is this more evident than with business and corporate events. In this Futurum Tech Webcast, lead analyst Shelly Kramer sits down with Andrew Pearson, CMO of Socio (part of Webex) to break down what successful hybrid event planning looks like in today’s hybrid business world.

Together, they talk about the ins and outs of hybrid event planning. With a key distinction revolving around strategy. As more organizations host hybrid events around the world, there’s an increasing criticality for comprehensive strategy to ensure maximum, consistent value for distributed audiences both in person and virtual. Listen in to hear Andrew talk about key evolutions in hybrid-event technologies, working with top event planners in building event software from the ground up, and leading the charge with hybrid-event audience engagement. Get key insights and actionable tips for optimizing your hybrid events.

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