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Why hybrid events make sense for our hybrid world

By Shelly Kramer

A Futurum Webcast with Socio

Hybrid events are becoming the preferred model for event planning and attendance. In this Futurum Tech Webcast, lead analyst Shelly Kramer sits down with Kara Gladish, Customer Experience Manager for Socio (part of Webex) to explore why hybrid events continue to make sense for our hybrid business world.

Shelly and Kara discuss how virtual events have been challenging over the last couple years, and why the growing popularity of hybrid events makes a lot of sense for our new way of working and collaborating. They share how the hybrid-event approach helps organizations not just reach distributed audiences, but also achieve stronger engagement. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. The beauty of hybrid events is—with the right technology—the ability to choose a combination of in-person and virtual event elements to bring greater value to diverse audiences.

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